Mycelium - This is the first term you should learn when starting to grow mushrooms.

Mycelium is the living and growing part of mushrooms. When growing mushrooms you must first grow some healthy mycelium. The mushroom is just the fruiting body or reproductive part of the mycelium. If you compare mushrooms to say apples, the mycelium can be though of as the apple tree and the mushrooms are the apples. If you want to grow apples you start by growing an apple tree. If you have ever seen a mushroom popping up from a lawn or out of a log you can be sure there is a whole network of mycelium underneath.

The mycelium of most mushrooms grows as white string like structures. It will start growing from a point and with the right moisture it will spread out until it has consumed all of the good nutrients within its area. 

Our grow your own mushroom kits are simply blocks of clean and healthy mycelium that have been grown under just the right conditions and given the perfect mix of nutrition and moisture. 

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