Costco Customers 2KG Instructions

watch the 2kg video

Step 1


Open the box and remove the provided humidity tent, spray bottle & mushroom block. With scissors, make an X-shaped cut on the block, close to the top. In a few days, you may see a new white bump form somewhere under the plastic. Make a second 'x' cut there. If you don’t see any new white bumps, no worries, just make your 2nd cut somewhere else on the block that has a lot of white, colonised mycelium  


Added Lions Mane Growing Tips!

Secure your block


IMPORTANT - Ensure that the top part of the block is rolled down and secured. DO NOT UNROLL and set up the block with the top portion of the bag unrolled. Doing this will trap the mushrooms inside the block. You want to eliminate the space at the top of the block, so the mushrooms are forced to grow through the cuts made on the block.

Keep it humid!


If at any point the block seems really dry, you can soak it in a large pot of cold tap water to rehydrate it. You probably will not need to soak between the first and second flush of mushrooms. After the second flush, try soaking for 4-8 hours.

Lion's mane mycelium is very light and wispy. If you are expecting oyster mycelium, you may think the block is not fully colonised, but it is. 

The purpose of misting is to create a humid environment around the block and not necessarily to add water to the block. A light mist on the inside of the humidity tent and surface of the block should be plenty.

To develop nice hanging teeth, the humidity must be controlled well. Try not to soak the mushroom when misting. Maintain around 85% humidity while the mushrooms are growing. A light condensation on the inside of the humidity tent is perfect.