Before you start!

Analyse your block to ensure it is 50% white and 50% brown. If it appears to be too white, allow the block to sit in the original box it came in for a few days. Doing this ensures the mycelium is colonized well on the block. Do this before beginning step 1.

Step 1

Cold Shock

Open the box and remove the humidity bag, spray bottle & mushroom block from the box. Put the new mushroom block in the fridge for at least 24-hours before setting it up. 

Added Shiitake Growing Tips!

Check your humidity levels.


*Shiitake requires high humidity at first (over 90%!). Once the mushroom pins form, reduce the humidity to 70%. Make sure that it is very humid inside the humidity tent for the first few days. Remove the humidity tent once the mushrooms are almost full grown (or if the tent no longer fits over the block)

What are the brown spots?


*The brown spots on the block are normal. The block will turn almost totally brown before it is ready to produce

Make sure it's getting these 3 things.


* Shiitake can be temperamental. Be patient with your block and ensure it’s getting light, moisture & fresh air. Use clean utensils for harvesting, to prevent contamination.